Loaded Bar Collective

2019 USAPL Collegiate Nationals - April 12th - 15th - Columbus, OH


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Photo package will atleast include 28-32 photos. This will include photos of your lifts from various angles, pre-lift hype/ritual, post-lift celebrations and moments in the podium if you medal.

You can also use your photos as you please - whether it be for personal or commercial use. As soon as they are ready, we will send you an email that will include the link to where you can download your photos. 

You can still book your photos after you competed as we take photos of everyone in all the meets that we cover

NOTE 1: If you are ordering for someone, include the name of the lifter on the notes upon checkout. We cross-reference the name of the person who put in the order with the lifter database, if we don't find it there, we email the person who put in the order on who the package is for.

NOTE 2: Prices on checkout are in Canadian dollars (as we are a Canadian company) - the American conversion should be reflected on your billing 

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